Where Balancing the Quality of Lives is Priority

Where Balancing The Quality Of Lives Is Priority:                           501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization 

Our Mission:  To assist ex-offenders transition back into society and provide services that educate, motivate, and elevate them and their custodial children to a high level of independency and sustainability. 

Welcome to Multiple Options incorporated. We are a St.Louis based  organization that focuses on assisting ex-offenders re-entering society whom are scheduled to be released from correctional institutions by way of probation or parole. We provide a much needed service that facilitates the transitioning of participants back into society in a effective and trouble free manner. Within our system, we endeavor to  provide shelter in a structured environment and well balanced meals. Currently, participants are required to attend our job coaching classes and actively seek employment, participate in our education, vocational, money management, life skills and or parenting programs as to not procrastinate and continue to be unproductive. Some of our participants have custodial children in tow. For those with these additional challenges, we provide educational opportunities for their children as well which  includes the use of a computer lab,mentoring and counseling as needed.  For participants that have a history of drug and alcohol  addiction, counseling is available. Through social services and committed volunteers, these options are  monitored and supervised. We offer these services to juvenile and mentally challenged offenders also. Our goal is to provide multiple options to those in need of guidance and structure  to further enhance the quality of  life. Thus, they will establish themselves as role models to their families and become productive citizens in the community. Additionally, we plan to develop shelters for homeless and abused women who have no place to call home, who have to struggle day to day fighting hunger without a stable plan of obtaining a meal  for their children or themselves. A individual's survival plan has no boundaries or limits. They will survive at any cost, even at the expense of law abiding citizens. This can be prevented with leadership and guidance. Although these task are lofty, they are within the scope of our seasoned and committed volunteers  capabilities to accomplish. We are a reputible and recognized Non Profit Organization. 501 (c)(3).  So, please consider donating to this most worthy cause. You have the power to effect a positive change for others and the community. All contributions  are tax deductible. Help us help people re-enter society as productive citizens. 


Corizon Medical Services

Willie McMorris III : President

Thank You Lutheran Foundation of Saint Louis:

Multiple Options would like to thank The Lutheran Foundation of Saint Louis for awarding us a magnificent grant that enables us to provide continuous services and programs that benefit our clients and the community.

For More Information Contacts Listed

4144 Lindell blvd 

St.louis Mo. 63108

Suite 505

e-mail address :

Phone: 314.766-4061: Fax:314.266-3538


Board Members: Paul D. Knight Treasurer : Sharon Brinson Morris Secretary.

: Dr. Demond Webster:  John Dennis, Director of Nursing : Wanda F. Houston : James Dempsey

Experience and Commitment: Multiple Options was founded by two highly motivated professionals in the criminal justice system and jobs training/jobs placement realm with 57 years of combined experience.  They assembled an inspired board and advisory board of related professionals and civic leaders who are committed to the success of the organization.  A building has been offered for their consideration.  Collaborative efforts are underway with Labor Ready and Provident Counseling.  Referrals will be made by the Department of Corrections and Department of Probation and Parole. 


Timeliness of the Effort: Missouri’s prison system is bursting at the seams growing from 6,000 to 30,000 in the last 30 years with the state budget for corrections growing from $122 million to more than $665 million.  In a move to improve the state’s public safety system, political leaders from both sides of the aisle are working with The Justice Reinvestment Initiative to reduce the state’s prison population and to devote more resources toward the more serious offenders.   Upon release, the majority of the highest risk persons make their way into the St. Louis community.  Here, “on the outside”, they face the greatest odds with the fewest resources devoted to their transition.  Multiple Options is ready to go to work with diligence and a firm command of the tasks ahead, and, in turn, to preserve state resources as well as increase the safety of the community at large. 


With provided structure, recidivism decreases:

These recidivism rates are consistent with the analysis performed last year and with Federal findings.
Recidivism and End of Sentence (EOS) Discharges
• During the same year, 1,514 offenders were discharged after completing the terms of their
community-supervised parole (746) or transitional supervision (768).  These offenders
returned to prison at significantly lower rates (24.7% for parole and 27.9% for transitional
supervision) than offenders who were released directly from a prison facility.   This data
suggests that offenders who complete community supervision programs have a higher
probability of successful re-entry to the community from prison.

A hearty thanks for the fundraising volunteers of Multiple Options Incorporated. Working the concession stands at Busch Stadium is hard work but because of these dedicated heroes of our organization this endeavor is a rousing success. Thanks Guys!

Congressman Lacy Clay and Multiple Options president Willie McMorris III. Many thanks to congressman Clay for his efforts and support of our organization.


Incarcerated individuals do get released!

The Department of Corrections has over 30,000 incarcerated inmates, 97% of who will return home to our communities throughout the state. Each year there are approximately 20,000 inmates released back into the community. If offenders are released without the appropriate and necessary tools to be productive members of society, they have a greater potential to be a threat to public safety and are at risk to re-offend.

Multiple Options partners with the great UniverSoul Circus !

UniverSoul Circus generously provided Multiple Options with resources that enabled 20 children in the community  to have the time of their lives for one fun filled evening. The kids left their worries behind and provided us with priceless smiles. We look forward to working with UniverSoul Circus in near future. f 

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The Facts

Did you know that 1 out of 4 African American children have at least 1 parent in prison by the time that they are 14, did you know that there are nearly 2 million Americans in prison in the United States alone. That is a new felony, let's call it perpetuating the cycle in the first degree. We have got to help! Let's go America, show why we are the greatest country in the world!

Case Statements

  • Broke and homeless upon release, Vanessa received hope and help.

After years of going back and forth from prison, she is now clean, employed, and raising her children.


  • In and out jail since he was 16, Davey, pushing 30, was all but lost.

Given a chance, he now holds down 2 jobs and has been drug and trouble free for 3 years.


Schnucks ecards are here. At no cost to you, everytime you shop at Schnucks, before you pay, allow the cashier to scan your card and Schnucks makes a donation to your favorite organization, Multiple Options inc. See any board member and get your card today. Thanks for your support.

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